Get The Most Out Of Life

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles R. Swindoll

Do you believe everything is coincidence or that everything in life has a purpose? Are you somewhere in the middle?

I live with the mindset that everything that you experience in life has a purpose (the 10%). It is up to you to find that purpose, embrace that purpose and move on from an event in your life with a new skill, new mindset, or new value within you (the 90%).

I want to bring this idea to the surface because I believe that embracing this mindset will promote growth in your life just like it has in mine.

There are three key points that I hope each of you take away:


Many people just experience life, they let life happen to them. They just accept the cards they’ve been dealt, and as a result they don’t get very far in life. Before they know it, a decade has past, and they are still the same person doing the same thing. Why? Well it isn’t because some people’s lives don’t have purpose. It is because those people failed to see the purpose in the events of their life.

I assume that many of you worry about living a life that is similar to the one described above. And you might be wondering how you prevent a life like that from coming to fruition. The answer is in how you react to the events in your life…

Simply question everything, be introspective, and pull as much value as possible out of every life experience.


The occurrence of growth is not in understanding how you could have handled a situation differently, but rather it occurs when steps have been taken to approach a given situation differently. You can learn in life by failing, but to grow and fail FORWARD, your actions must change according to what you’ve learned. Then and only then will your outcomes in life change as well.


I hope this mentality inspires you. Because when you embrace this mentality you have the power to control the direction of your life. If you change, your outcomes change. Whatever you do, say, or think has a direct correlation to the way your life will unfold. Let this motivate you to take initiative in your life. Let this concept empower you to keep grinding and keep growing.


With that said…Let’s THRIVE!

Gregory AlexanderComment