How to Be a Master At Anything

To create value for others you must first decide what that looks like. Whether that be creating a website, a YouTube channel, a song, a podcast, a book, a marketing strategy, or even a business plan, and to grow in that area it takes doing it over and over and over again. They key to becoming a master in anything is not by the complexity of the project, nor is it by an immense amount of time spent on it. The key to becoming a master in anything is to create value often. Want to get better at writing? Write every single day, even if it is a few sentences. Want to get better at speaking? Record a speech every single day. Want to get better at graphic design? Design every day. Simply get the reps in. Skills are like a muscle. Lifting really heavy weights that only allow you to get two reps in is much less effective than starting where you are comfortable and getting 15 reps in. So start lifting now, you are ready enough to start somewhere and get those reps in.


The most effective method for Growth.


Gregory AlexanderComment