What is Success?

Success, what is it? Success looks different for everyone. What does success look like for me? To answer this question my mind travels to my death bed. When I look back on my life, what do I want to see?

If you asked me what is the purpose of life I would respond, “To give life purpose.” I want to die knowing I lived a purpose filled life. For me, that means building and creating something much bigger than me. I want to impact and change the lives of others. I want to equip others with a mindset that allows them to live their life to the fullest.

So when I'm on my death bed, and I can look back on my life with no regrets, knowing that I inspired as many people as possible to take the path less traveled, to think big, and then help them do that, that is when I will know I have succeeded.

So that's what success looks like in my mind. It isn’t a dollar amount, it isn't happiness, those are by-products, my success is derived in making an impact and changing the lives of others for the better. So what does success look like for you?

Now do everything you can every day to get you closer to success. With that said.. Keep Grinding, Keep Grinding…let's THRIVE!

Gregory AlexanderComment