Build A Door

Most of us fall into a narrow mindset. When life deals us cards, we think those are the only cards that we have to choose from. We all project what are life will be like down the road, but it is easy to get fixated on that specific path. When you miss out on an opportunity it is easy to get discouraged, especially when you were leaning so heavily on that opportunity to become realized. But I am here to say that when the door of an opportunity gets slammed in your face, you have two choices. You can either sit there waiting until it re-opens or hoping that another door miraculously appears, or you can build a door.

This is the first step in paving your own path. Allow your brain to be flooded with ideas and then most importantly, execute those ideas. WARNING: Opportunities very rarely come knocking at your door, and even if they do that door will not open easily. So be prepared to fight. Be prepared to put every ounce of strength into getting that door open. You can’t let resistance stop you or your dreams will never come to reality. Additionally, build many many doors. Think big and think freely, give yourself many paths to choose from. As certain paths begin to become more and more concrete, focus in and create value. Pursue that path relentlessly.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hammer, grab your nails, grab some wood, and get your hands dirty. BUILD A DOOR

Gregory AlexanderComment