Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

Regardless if you are an entrepreneur or not, we all have a certain level of hard and soft skills. Hard skills - quantifiable and measurable abilities, such as cooking, programming, etc. Soft Skills - less tangible skills, such as your ability to communicate effectively. Your skill set is comprised of both. However, many of us have more of one than the other. For instance, my soft skills outweigh my hard skills.

I think that both types of skills are very important to possess to be successful in any profession. However, as a young entrepreneur, the possession of well refined soft skills is only becoming more prevalent. The ability to communicate effectively, manage time efficiently, solve problems quickly, take criticism positively, etc. are all essential to develop early on. The benefit of having a well versed soft skill set is expressed when you have to move from opportunity to opportunity and learn and act quickly. For young people, who typically don’t have a very large or efficient hard skill set, the presence of a strong soft skill set allows you to stick out in the crowd and enables you to push past the adversity much easier. So what are you doing to strengthen your soft skills? Communicate often, solve problems often, work with others often, showcase your work and take criticism often. Soft skills are transferable, they will benefit you no matter where your path takes you. So I invite you to hone your skills today.

Soft Skills:

A must have for the successful entrepreneur.

Gregory Alexander