What To Do When You Are Bored

We all have those days where we just sit around with “nothing to do.” Our friends our busy, we are all caught up on work( or not), and you don’t really know what to do with yourself.

Most of us try to overcome boredom, it isn’t pleasurable in any sense of the word. However, I think there is empowerment in being comfortable with boredom. I think there is peace in boredom, clarity even. You have the ability to use those moments of boredom to your advantage. Use those moments to wrestle with your thoughts, question the universe, philosophize everything, and maybe even write it down. Record your thoughts with a mic, make a video, take pictures that represent your ideas, etc. Bottom-line, turn your moments of boredom into creation. Allow those moments to be filled with the expression of your inner most struggles, thoughts, and dreams. To build, to create, is the most human thing you can do. So be true to yourself(you are human right?) and seek boredom. Then when all of those thoughts start rushing in, do something with them….express yourself and create value.


A gateway to expression.

Gregory AlexanderComment