Learn Something New Every Day

Have you ever heard “You learn something new every day” before?

Odds are that you have. For good reason. Every day we experience something new, no matter how small that something is. Here’s the problem though….we don’t recognize the learning opportunities when they are that seemingly small. However, there is a way to counteract this blindness to knowledge, and that is one simple question.

“What can this teach me?”

Every day and in every situation, ask yourself “what can this teach me?” When you preface every situation with this question, you are establishing a learning mindset that will proactively look for new knowledge to digest. Whether you are reading a book, watching a movie, scrolling through Instagram, or talking to your friends, ask yourself “What can this teach me?” Keep your mind open, and in every situation lay the foundation that you do not know it all, and that you have so much more to understand. By doing this, you become a lifelong learner, which is key to being a lifelong grower.

So what have you learned today??

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Gregory AlexanderComment