Moving At A Snail's Pace

I conversed with an old friend the other day. We caught each other up on our lives. Our losses, accomplishments, our fears, and our futures. I told them that I had created a website and a podcast, and I am beginning to build an online community of Thrivers! Their response was shocking. They couldn’t believe how much I had accomplished in such a short time span (roughly two months).

Here is the problem I have with that response. I feel like I am not moving fast enough. Yes, I feel like I have accomplished some things, but I know I have the potential to accomplish so much more in two months. This idea brings me to a more overarching idea.

The idea is that time, as you go through your journey, it is filled with the little details. Time moves slowly. However, in hindsight, time seems to be moving at the speed of light. The older I get, the faster time seems to move. The clunkier and more vague my memories get. As I live my life and I do my work to turn my dreams into reality, my dreams seem to be coming to fruition at a snail’s pace. From the outsiders perspective, it is the opposite, the things I have accomplished and built seem to have happened very quickly.

I think there is an upside and a downside to this. The upside is that you do have ample time to create and build, you just have to get started and grow 1% everyday. This compounds very quickly, and before you know it, other people are shocked at what you are able to accomplish in a seemingly short period of time. The downside is that I know how I spend my time, I know how much more I could have potentially done with that time, and to an extent I find it difficult to be proud of my accomplishments because to some degree, I have “failed” myself.

This feeling of “failure” is something that I believe many ambitious individuals feel. However, even though the feeling of internal failure is a negative thing to a certain extent, I believe there are benefits of this guilt. It pushes you to grow, to stay focused, and hold yourself accountable. To be impatient and have the desire to fuel momentum with consistency is important. It is the drive that sets you apart from everyone else who settles.

So remember, even if you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything, as long as you are holding yourself accountable and doing at least one thing everyday to get you closer to your goals, eventually, they will transpire. Stay true to you, and let the feeling of guilt push you into greatness. Before you know it, a year will pass and you will look back and see the amazing works you have accomplished at a “snail’s pace.”

Gregory AlexanderComment