Four Skills I Have Gained By Podcasting

Every Friday I publish a new podcast episode. I am now in season two of my podcasting journey. I have spoken on topics ranging from how to find your purpose to the power of networking. For season two I decided to begin interviewing other entrepreneurial individuals. Ultimately, the decision to create a podcast and create value for others has been my best one yet. Here’s why:

1.I have become a more effective speaker.

My communication skills have only increased, and rightfully so, the more you do something the better you will get at it. However, the added accountability that my listener’s give me pushes me to be more aware of my language. I am constantly refining how I convey certain messages, the tone of voice I am using, and how I present the overarching narrative. My ability to concisely present an idea in hopes to persuade an individual has only increased. I believe that in order to change the lives of others, effective communication is essential. People have to understand your message. Besides providing value to others, the desire to become a better speaker is the ultimate driving force for me to continuously produce content.

2.My network has grown tremendously.

By speaking up and producing content for eager listener’s to consume and grow from, I have expanded my social network and grown my social capital. Through exposing myself, I have become closer to my audience resulting in the cultivation of friendships. On a more internal level, I have learned how to sell myself and my mission to intentionally expand my professional network. Due to reaching out to other entrepreneurs and asking them to be a guest on my show I have gained even more friendships, feedback, as well as a plethora of knowledge. The skill of forging relationships at a professional level has opened up more doors for future vocational endeavors.

3.I have learned how to build a brand.

Behind every brand, there is or should be a mission statement. A niche driving force. Everything that I say or do is parallel with my mission. Besides my podcast, from the blogs I write to the graphical design of my web page, I am forced to think about how the content correlates to my mission. As an entrepreneur the ability to construct a strong brand identity is essential, and I am continuously improving my ability to do that.

4. I have learned how to market.

As a podcast creator, I want my content to reach people’s ears. It doesn’t matter how value-packed my content is if nobody knows it exists. That is why having marketing skills is so important. To reach more audiences I have had to learn many marketing tactics including: marketing on a social platform such as Instagram, optimizing SEO, making my content available on many platforms( iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc.), constructing appealing email campaigns using Mail Chimp ( to see my weekly email campaigns subscribe to, building an intriguing ecosystem within my website, etc.

If you are an entrepreneurial-minded individual with the desire to influence the lives of others for the good, value creation is the catalyst to get you there. So just do it, start creating value today. What does that look like? My recommendation is to start a podcast. The skills gained from podcasting that I have listed here are the most prominent, however, the benefits of starting a podcast are exponential. In the end, the medium you use to add value to others should align with your personal goals and grow you in the direction you seek. Whatever that looks like for you, do it. Start changing the world today.

Gregory AlexanderComment