Don't Short Your Stock

I was listening to the Forward Tilt podcast by Isaac Morehouse, and one of the episodes talked about how we short our own stock everyday. Let me explain….when you buy stock and decide to short it, basically what you are doing is betting that the current value of the stock you have is going to go down later on. The crazy thing is that every time you procrastinate you are also shorting your stock, in this case your stock is your time. By not doing something and deciding to put it off to a later date, you are essentially saying my time is more valuable to me right now, so later on, when my time is less valuable I will be willing to give some of that time to that activity I am currently procrastinating on.

Here’s the problem with that, your value should only be going up. Your time should only get more precious with every passing second. Why would you short yourself? You should be buying ready to ride a surge to the top. Simply put, your time is valuable. It will only continue to become more valuable if you are doing it right, so stop putting things off, create value, be the influence, and get…shit…done.


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