Be Available

For any younger person out there looking to rise to the top in any industry they choose, being available is the best way to get you there. But what does being available actually look like?

Being available means to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. You want to be known as the person who is always willing to tackle a challenge. Even if you know that you aren’t “ready” for that challenge, you are never one hundred percent ready to say yes to any opportunity so don’t use that excuse. When you become the go-to individual within your network, more and more opportunities will come your way. By taking as many opportunities head on as possible you will have more and more work accumulate with your name on it. This body of work will continue to grow and you will build a reputation. People will know your name and the quality of work you do. The result is even more responsibility, opportunities, and more than likely more money. The more you do, the more you learn, and the more you learn the more you can do. It is an exponential upward spiral.

So you want to rise to the top? You want to create value for as many people as possible? You want people to know and respect your name? Start doing. Start saying yes to the opportunities now and eventually you will be at the top. Then, once you are at the top, you can start saying no to the things that don’t grow you as much, and funnel your energy into only the things that truly matter to you. Say say yes now so you have the freedom to say no later on. Simply put, BE AVAILABLE.

Gregory AlexanderComment