Think Like An Entrepreneur

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an “entrepreneur, ” you are, or at least you should be. An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity to innovate and then builds an organization or a company to financially benefit from that innovation. Even if your goal isn’t to build a company, you are indeed building a company every single day. What company you might ask? You are the CEO of “YOU Incorporated.”

We all have a reputation, I like to call it your personal brand. Everyday our actions, the projects we complete, and the work we share with the world influence our personal brand. When you adopt this way of thinking( the entrepreneurial mindset), the work you do is done with much greater intention and excellence. Even if you aren’t starting a true business, you are indeed selling your personal brand, YOU Inc. to your employer. Every company you would like to work for is a potential business partner.

When you treat yourself as a business it becomes a lot easier to dig deep and understand how to preform optimally and look appealing to work with to other businesses. Every successful business has a mission statement, core values, solves a problem, and creates value for others. So when you think of yourself as a business, you begin to question what your mission statement is, what your core values are on a professional level, and most importantly what problem you are solving and how you are creating value for others. Answers to these questions are highly important.

To further that, you can then begin to analyze the skills you have. Every business needs a salesperson, a marketer, an accountant, etc. So as YOU inc. do you have a salesperson? A marketer? Maybe you have a few of the “employees” you need, but chances are you will discover the skills your company lacks. Once you understand the skills you need to hire on, you can then have a better idea of who your business partner should be ( your future employer). You can then take the strengths YOU Inc. has and showcase them, grow them, and sell your abilities to your future employer. You and your businesses partner can become a dynamic duo.

To see yourself as a moving, breathing, talking business will instill clarity in your actions. You will begin to question everything you do. Is what you are doing growing the business? If not, stop doing it.

Whether or not you are an entrepreneur by Webster’s definition, embracing the entrepreneurial mindset will catapult you into a state of growth. So what are you waiting for? Launch your business TODAY.

Gregory AlexanderComment