My Biggest Fear

Hands shaking, heart pounding, palms sweating, and there are hundreds of people staring at me. My brain is running in circles, “why can’t I focus?” With every passing second I get pumped full of more anxiety until it is time for me to speak. “I can’t mess up, I have to drive this point home, I want people to understand me, and I don’t want to waste their time.” Every thought adds more pressure than the last, but then, in a moment of courage, I begin to speak. Words, they flow right out of me, confidence starts to grow within me, and influence starts to spread around me.

Public speaking is my biggest fear. Knowing that, I decide to run to it when ever I can. I know the more I do it, the easier it will get. I’m finding that I grow the fastest when I challenge myself to feel uncomfortable.

So What Do You Fear?


Gregory AlexanderComment