School Kills Curiosity

I’ve thought a lot lately about the public education system. Specifically how inefficient, ineffective, and harmful it is. Today a child walks into a classroom, and they must raise their hand before they speak, walk in a straight line, and by all means get that ‘A’. Over time they begin to obey and respect authority entirely. Now on the surface that might seem good, and to a degree it is. But what they are taught is not respect, but fear. They “respect” authority so they aren’t punished. Given enough time following orders, they will begin to stop thinking on their own. They will always want guidance and will never think for themselves. Curiosity will perish, and the only thing standing will be a follower. But today we need leaders, do-ers, influencers and innovators. To change the world one must stop doing what the world tells them to do, and they must diverge and question the acts that society assumes as truths. We need people who aren’t afraid to change the world.

Dear Education System:


Gregory AlexanderComment