Say YES More

In my Podcast and throughout my blog I talk a lot about paving your own path and taking action. However, I want to focus on one word that always comes before action. “YES” is the response you have to have when you ask yourself, “Should I take this risk? Is it time for me to take advantage of the present opportunities that I have?” Until you say YES and commit to something internally, nothing will unfold externally. My challenge for you is to say YES more. If you think you aren’t ready for something, if you are afraid of failing ( which by the way, you most certainly will), say YES anyways. Regardless of the situation, more opportunities, perspective, and understanding of yourself will come out of saying YES to opportunities. Say YES now, and figure it out as you go.

I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and saying YES to something was hard for me to be able to do at first. I constantly wanted to make sure I was prepared for something because I wanted the outcome to be perfect. Through saying YES and committing to opportunities, I have found that I can never be 100% prepared for anything and all I have to do is start now. I am ready enough to start now, so I say YES. Now obviously, listen to your gut instincts about certain things, but by no means allow yourself to create excuses to not do something. Speaking from my personal experiences of saying YES, I can confidently say that there is nothing that can grow you more as an individual.


The most important step to any Journey.

Gregory AlexanderComment