Stop Asking For Permission

When you approach an employer and ask them if you can do something, whether that be improving the website, developing a new marketing plan, or implementing a new email campaign, etc. you are doing two things. Firstly, you are tasking them to mentally evaluate if your time should be allocated to pursuing that idea. They have to weigh the priorities of the company and they are forced to imagine what you are trying to do. Secondly, it opens up the possibility of a “no.” Your grand idea now has the potential to get shot down, thus demotivating you to complete that task because it won’t be used.

When you are living with the value creation mindset you are constantly trying to find problems and solve those problems. If you allow yourself to be stopped in your tracks during the solving part, the avenue in which you planned to provide value is now gone. This is a problem because you must be providing value if you want to continuously grow your business. As an entrepreneurial minded individual, you are YOU Incorporated. Your personal brand must be associated with value creation. So what’s the solution?

Stop Asking For Permission.

Whatever your great idea is, go and build it before you ask your employer if you can invest time into it. When you approach them with a tangible solution rather than a hypothetical proposition, they employer is much more likely to implement the value you have created because they understand it better when they see it. Secondly, the hard work is already done, now all they have to do is put your value into motion.

Everyone asks for permission, so take initiative and stand out. The amount of employers that need more driven individuals who can find problems, find solutions, and most importantly implement them effectively is overwhelming. In the worst case scenario, the value you created isn’t implemented, but you can still add it to your portfolio as well as get valuable feedback from others to understand why it wasn’t implemented. The amount of learning that takes place by actually doing it will be well worth the time investment.

With that said….I invite you to adopt the permission-less mindset and start creating TODAY.