Learning How To Market: Establishing Brand Image and Identity

I am slowly being pulled to the field of marketing. I am learning that I have a huge desire to create brand identity and image and leverage the power of a logo, thematic colors, mission statements, etc. to attract potential consumers. In my free time I have constantly been designing, building brochures, commercials, websites, apps, etc. to grow my ability to produce content that connects a brand to their consumer.

I am currently taking an entrepreneurship class where we developed a business that solved a problem. My role in the company was to design a logo and a brochure that educated potential consumers about the product while also exciting the consumer and creating a certain mood that our company wanted to instill in our customers, which I think is a very important aspect to marketing. I am learning that whatever you are marketing, whether that be a physical product, service, or yourself and your personal brand, it is always better to sell your value to the interests of the consumer. Let me explain, rather than pointing out how great your product is by telling the consumer what your product can do on a very operational level - which is an important step in marketing, the more important step is how you relate that product to the individual. How does your product make the consumer feel? When they buy your product, how is it going to change their lives? How are they going to get value from it? Why should they care? When you relate your product to consumer’s heart and their own current interests, you become much more successful.

Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean:

Our company’s product was a modular shoe concept. Our niche market segment was advanced runners.

The problem we aimed to solve:

  • Running shoes wear out quickly, lasting only between 5-8 months before having to buy another pair.

  • Advanced runners have multiple types of running shoes for different situations. Example: A runner might own a pair of heavier shoes that offers thicker lowers and mid-soles to offer a more cushioned running experience over a long distance run, and also own a pair that is lighter with thinner lowers to run shorter distances. Wearing each type of shoe in the context it was designed for offers optimum performance. However, this requires you to buy two different shoes instead of one.

The solution:

A modular shoe allows you to take apart the shoe and mix and match the components of it to suit your needs at any given time. Instead of buying two whole shoes, why not only buy the additional thicker mid-sole and lower and slide off your thinner lower to slide the thicker one on when you want to run longer distances. By doing this it saves the consumer money and reduces the amount of resources wasted because they are only buying the components of the shoe they actually need.

Here is the brochure I created for the company that also includes the logo I designed:

Fuze Brochure-page1.png
Fuze Brochure-page2.png

In my brochure I included the benefits of having a modular shoe to the consumer, but the majority of the space was used to explain to the consumer, who the company is and our purpose for creating the product. It appeals to the emotional aspect of the consumer to hopefully get them excited about using our product, because they want to feel great and equip the champion within. I did this by specifically stating what we believe and what we do about it on top of sharing an origin story, which conveys why I care on a more personal level. This exercise allowed me to gain skills in choosing thematic colors that shape the mood of a brand and becoming more comfortable using marketing tools like Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

If you are looking to become a better marketer for either your business or your personal brand, I encourage you to get the reps in and start designing, writing copy, as well as looking at other great marketing tactics from the brands you resonate with. Putting the expertise of others into practice for yourself offers a great learning experience that will develop your skills as a marketer.

With that said…Keep Grinding….Keep Growing…Let’s Thrive!