How to Land Almost Any Job...No Degree Required

For every freelancer out there, there is one technique that will greatly increase the odds of you landing a job. In fact, it's so good, it works for everyone. Whether you are a freelancer or you are looking to get hired at a corporation, this one technique will set you apart from the crowd and help you land that next job.

It's called the Brief-Case Technique:

Why? was originally coined as the "Brief-Case" technique because of the theatrical component of it. Once you are in the interview, either trying to sell your capabilities to clients or to a future employer, you whip out a briefcase at just the right moment. The exact moment you should take out the briefcase depends on a few factors, but in general, you will do it once the interviewee asks, "So how much are looking to make?" or "Why should I hire you?"

It is at this pivotal moment that you place your briefcase on the table and open it.

Now bear in mind, the contents of the briefcase are what truly matters. If you don't do your homework it doesn't matter if you brought the briefcase or not, in fact, you can successfully pull off the "Brief-Case technique" without any briefcase at all!

So what's in the briefcase?

Simply, the briefcase should contain everything that shows what you can do or what you have done for the employer/client already. This is where the magic happens. For illustration, let's imagine Joe is looking to get hired as a data analyst for a corporation. Joe has applied for the job and landed an interview. Joe is now in the interview and it is going smoothly, I mean, after all, Joe is quite a charismatic guy. His interviewee then pops the question.

"So why should I hire you?"

Now, Joe, he's no talker, he is a doer. Instead of just verbally answering this question, he proceeds to initiate the Brief-Case technique.

Little does the employer know that Joe has spent weeks researching their corporation and digging into every piece of analytics that he could find while being outside of the company. Joe then proceeded to follow the historical shifts of the company over time to see how they responded to that data. Now Joe, being the wise guy he is, then proceeds to lay out a blueprint and chart what his course of action would have been for the company if he had been the current data analyst overseeing the companies data. He repeated this process all the way up to the most recent data he could scrape up for the company to end his work with concrete next steps that the business could take to make the most out of their analytics.

Now, back to the interview.

Joe, knowing he has an immense body of work that shows his passion and desire for the company to grow, begins to open the briefcase unveiling his hard work. (Keep in mind, this work, he did for absolutely free.) He then walks his potentially future employer through his work, explaining it thoughtfully and with charisma. He goes on to say something along the lines of, "I hope you see the potential of my work and I want you to use it for free. If you then see the results that I've outlined here, I'd love to work for you fulltime and continue to contribute to the growth of this company."

The employer's response:

"When can you start?!?"


It simply works.


Actions speak louder than words. Not only does this technique show your skills as an individual, but it also conveys a deep passion for the company you are interested in. The underlying skill of drive sets you apart from the crowd.

Now feel free to include the actual briefcase, or don't. The work you do prior is what really matters. So if you are interested in a your research, create value, and deliver.

Now it is time to go out land your dream job….what’s in your briefcase?

Gregory AlexanderComment