The Burden of Freedom

I've thought a lot about freedom lately. What is it really? Should I really want to be completely free? What do I have to sacrifice in order to gain more freedom? What burdens will I bear the freer I seek to be?

Freedom to me is the ability to express yourself through creating and doing. Freedom is innovation. Freedom is also the burden of having control over your life. To be freer means the more you have to decide for yourself. Freedom comes at a cost of responsibility. You can no longer put the blame on someone else because everything around you is because of you. When you become freer, the further you detach yourself from civilization and the system. No longer can you absorb the commodities that those entities offer. Because if you absorb them, you must play by their rules. Life is a give and take. You must give up freedom to take commodities that make life easier, but with those that make life easier, comes those that make life harder. It's an interesting dilemma.

For me, entrepreneurship is the bridge between the world of living in complete autonomy and the world of relying completely on the system.

Entrepreneurship allows me to express myself while also changing, molding, and crafting the system more to my likeness. I use the inability to be completely free to better the lives of others. It is a happy middle-ground for me. And honestly, the idea of complete freedom scares the crap out of me.

What about you? How free do you want to be? At what point does it become so heavy of a burden that it makes it impossible to be worth it?