Just Keep Swimming

I repeat the wise words of Dory to myself on the days I feel like I'm stuck. Sometimes it seems that things aren't progressing fast enough, but then I remember, great things take time. It is the meticulous, consistent, and deliberate action that propels me forward over time.

"Just keep swimming"

The alarm clock goes off, I wake up from a long nights rest of 2 hours. It is 5 a.m. I brew my cup of coffee, French dark roast. I sip it slowly as I check my emails and finalize my to-do list for the day. Before taking a shower, I go on my morning jog. 1-2 miles will do. While on my jog I throw on a podcast to get my brain turning.

"Just keep swimming"

Following my commute around the block, I plunge into the shower to get ready for the day. I turn up some tunes to get me going. Shortly after I throw on some clothes, pour another cup of coffee, shove a muffin down my mouth, grab my laptop and car keys, and out the door I go.

"Just keep swimming"

I've landed at the library. I open up my laptop and get to work.

Emails checked, Inbox empty, studying done, blog post written, skype call finished, and now it is time to do some podcast editing.

Done. Now it's time to continue working on 1 of the 4 various projects I'm currently working on. I look at the clock. 11:30 a.m.

"Just keep swimming"

Email campaign sent, marketing video done, website updated. It's time for lunch. I head over to the nearest sandwich shop and grab a quick eat. I have 30 minutes until I clock in at work.

I'm now in uniform, I punch the time sheet.

" Just keep swimming"

I worked 10 hours straight at the restaurant. I cooked the food, I washed dishes, I deep cleaned, and now I'm going home.

I make it home and empty my inbox once more. I grab a quick bite before bed, take a shower, and indulge in a good book until I fall asleep.

My alarm clock goes off, I wake up from a long nights rest of 2 hours. It is 5 a.m.

"Just keep swimming"