You Must First Believe In Yourself

So you want to be an entrepreneur. Do you have this grand world-changing idea? Do you have the finances to back it up? Probably not. That's where investors come in. But how do you get investors? Do you need a 30-page long business plan? No. There is one key element that will help you get investors more so than any other. That element is belief. Belief in yourself.

If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will. You have to be willing to bet everything you have on that idea in order to break ground. If you aren't willing to give it your all, why should anyone else give anything to it?

But you don't only have to believe in yourself, you have to show how much you care to investors. Sometimes, the ability to show how much you care comes during an elevator-pitch. The key to successful elevator-pitches isn't about having all the numbers add up. The key to it is self-expression. It is showmanship. How excited are you? How much passion for the business is shown in your posture, tone of voice, rate of speech, eye movement, etc.? It's more important to let your emotions show. Investors are human just like you, and they want to invest in a company that can alter their emotional state for the better. When you convey your ideas to investors at the emotional level with overflowing passion, your odds of getting that next check go up radically.

Now, your numbers are important, the business plan matters, but how much you care matters the most. How much you believe in your future business shows the most.

So do you have a great business plan? Are you ready to pitch to investors?

Do you truly believe in yourself? If not, no one else will. If so, show it.