Dreams Don't Come True, Decisions Do.

Many of us, including me, have huge dreams. I mean I only have one life right? I must dream big. I must shoot for the moon and land among the stars. Well...maybe. See, dreaming alone does nothing. You can contemplate a thousand alternate future realities, and none of them will ever come to fruition until you make them happen. And the only way to make them a reality is to turn your dreams into goals. Once they are goals then you can choose to take the actions necessary to reach those goals. You must make a decision. This decision can be made from logical reasoning, from gut intuition, or both. What matters is that you make a decision, and take action to implement that decision. Oh yeah, then you have to take responsibility for whatever future does come to fruition. It is your life, your decision, your goals, your successes, your responsibility.

I have taken the leap of faith. I have made the decision not to go to college. I have decided to move across the country. I have decided to work at an innovative start-up company. I have decided to reach my goals. Will you?

It’s time to make a decision.