Building My Logo

When I first sought out to design the thriving united logo, I first used a generic logo maker, then I used Wix logo maker, and then I decided to make a logo that truly stood out. I wanted it to be green to stay thematic. I wanted it to convey a level of philosophical mindedness, and I wanted it to look innovative. To create my podcast logo I began looking into different design platforms such as Adobe Photoshop. After a bit of researching I discovered a user friendly website called Canva.

When I began my design process I looked for inspiration. Canva has a search tool where I could search through countless pictures, animations, etc. I searched for “thriving” to begin with, and then I stumbled across a animation that really resonated with me. Once I had my main animation I adjusted the colors, fonts, and size in a way that made my podcast cover look like an old school, minimalistic album cover. After a few hours of research and design, I curated this using Canva:


You might have differing opinions, and that is fine, but I am proud of the way it looks. It just goes to show you have powerful web tools are. Almost anyone can create a stunning logo and so much more. Canva is the first of many software tools that I’ve included in my web stack.