The Benefits of Writing Every Day

I have written and published a blog post every day for the past 30 days. It was a challenge I put on myself for several reasons. Firstly, it was just to see if I could do it. On top of making sure I wrote and published a blog post every day, I also had to work 40 hours a week, build a website, move to a new house, and publish a podcast every week. I had a lot on my plate this past month, but I wanted to push the boundaries of what I could do. I wanted to know that I accomplished something every day regardless of every other task I needed to accomplish but failed to do so. To make sure I posted daily I had to reflect, I had to constantly be analyzing my life. I asked myself, "what can I learn from this?" and "How can I turn this experience into a blog post?" quite often. This challenge changed the lens in which I see the world for the better. It forced me to become hungry for knowledge. I was also forced to give up spending time with friends. When all of my friends were staying out late, I left early to go home and reflect on my day. This taught me that sacrifice is needed sometimes in order to reach your goals.

Secondly, I wanted to grow my writing skills. When going back and comparing my first blog post to my most recent, I can confidently conclude that my writing has ascended into higher quality. The way in which I string together a story in my head, to clearly lay it out for an audience has become a much more fluid process. This ability will help me improve my market copy writing abilities and my communication skills in general.

Thirdly, I wanted to create opportunities. By writing my thoughts out every day, I wanted to build relationships with my audience. I wanted to influence and add value to the lives of others. Fortunately, this desire started coming to fruition when I began posting on Medium. I now have several followers, a few claps, and a bit of change in the pocket because of it. The results of my due diligence are very motivating.

Parting Advice: If you have never written, or you don't think you are good at writing, I urge you to start writing now and start writing often. The skills you gain by continuously getting the reps in literally change the way you see the world. You become a much more curious person, always hungry for more knowledge. And you become a more conversational person, always knowing how to take moments and transcribe them into words. On top of that, once you complete your challenge, you will have that part of your life documented. You can then go back and reflect on your past moments and watch yourself evolve. It's quite beautiful really.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing.