The Most Effective Way To Reach Any Goal

Do you ever feel like your life is stagnant? That you are just going through the motions and aren't progressing towards your goals?

Many people confuse activity with productivity. Everyone will say they are busy but are those same people actually getting closer to their goals? A lot of the time, the answer is no. The problem is that the actions they are taking are not goal oriented, rather they are mindless activities. Now, this doesn't mean that they are lazy, or that they don't actually care about their goals. It just means they have zero-days...a lot of them.

Now, what is a zero-day?

A zero-day is any day that goes by where you do not complete something that gets you closer to your goals. The key to getting to your goals is to make sure you never have a zero-day. At first, the idea to have to get closer to your goals every single day can be very intimidating, but here's the trick.

Just get 1% closer to your goals every single day. At least 1.

The famous analogy that goes along with this is something along the lines of:

Q - "How do you eat an elephant?"

A - "One bite at a time."

The beautiful thing about holding yourself accountable to get 1% closer to your goals is the compounding nature of this tactic. To put this into illustration, let's do a math problem.

Q: If you grow by 1% in your skills and knowledge every single day for an entire year, how much will you grow by the end of the year?

Now, the majority of people will answer something to the tune of 365%, but the majority of people are wrong.

A: 3,778%

That's right, if you push yourself to grow 1% every day, you will grow 3,778% in the span of 1 year. The power of compounding performance is unparalleled. Consistency trumps any other form of self-growth hands down.

So if you have a goal, and your life feels stagnant, here's what you should do:

1. Get specific about what your goals are.

2. Get specific about the courses of action that need to be taken to reach those goals.

3. Take that action each and every single day. At least 1%.

4. Reach goal.

5. Have a earned it.