Show, Don't Tell

For anyone in the job market, you know the competition is fierce. Whether you are trying to land a new client as a freelancer or land that next big job, proving yourself can be difficult....if you are just talking about yourself.

The key to setting yourself apart from the crowd and catapulting yourself miles ahead of the competition is simply to show your work, don't just talk about it. Tangible evidence of the skills you say you have establishes credibility in your abilities like nothing else does.

This very fact is why the static resume is dead. This is why those 200 companies you sent a resume to, didn't call you back. Your resume got lost in the stack...sorry.

In order to get ahead of others, you can't do what others do. Fortunately for you, everyone else just talks about how great they are via a list of bullet points that may or may not be true. Now you have the opportunity to show how great you are.

Now you might be asking, "How do I show my skills if I have never been hired to use those skills and do professional work before?"

Here's the thing, you have the ability to demonstrate your skills through projects. Just concoct a project in your head that can be used to convey your skills and abilities, then ship that project to the company you want to work for.


Joe is a graphic designer - which just means he doodles in his journal all day long.

Joe wants to draw and do graphic design work for a company, but he knows his doodles won't be good enough to impress the company.

Joe decides to take on a project that shows his abilities.

Joe puts his skills to the test and decides to design a different graphic t-shirt for the company every single day for 30 days.

At the end of the thirty days, he shoots the company he wants to work for a link to his shirt designs.

He then explains to the company that he created all of these for them for free, but if they like his work, he would love to work as a graphic designer for them full-time.

Do you see how powerful that is??

Actions speak much much louder than words. So if you have a company in mind that you want to work for. If you have skills that you want to showcase or develop. Create a project for yourself. It will be fun, challenging, and you will learn a lot. Simultaneously you will be creating value for the company you want to work for. You will set yourself apart from the crowd. More than likely, you will get a job offer. Show, don't tell.