You Are The Average

Have you ever heard anyone say, " You are what you eat!"?

While that is definitely true, there is another statement that is equally relevant. It's a statement that has changed my life.

"You are the average of the five people you hang around the most."

Now, this statement might be obvious to some, but maybe not so obvious to others. This post is for the latter.

How has this statement changed my life?

To understand how, you must first understand how vast this statement is. This statement suggests that I am who I hang around, who I live around, who I work around, who I text, who I follow on social media, who I listen to on the radio, who I listen to on a podcast, etc. This statement suggests that I am what I consume, and something I regularly consume is human interaction. To understand this statement, means you understand how much control you have over who you become. You can become the average of anything.

So you want to be a really great public speaker? Hang around professional public speakers.

So you want to be a really great musician? Hang around really great musicians.

So you want to be a really successful entrepreneur? Hang around really successful entrepreneurs.

Get the idea?

The best part is, remember what this statement really means? It means it is all about what you consume, so you don't have to necessarily surround yourself with these people in real life. Instead, listen to their podcasts, read their blog posts, listen to their music, or become a customer of their company. The important part is that you consume their mentality. You do this by immersion in whomever you want to be more like. Once you consume their mentality enough you start to think like them yourself. When you think like them you begin to take actions like them, and so on...the desired results will follow.

So who do you want to become?

You are the average.