Give 110.

I had the privilege of speaking with an amazing individual this morning. Our main point of discussion was on the act of creating value propositions that you can leverage into a full-time job at a company. I was speaking with Nick Rundlett, who is a master at this practice. 

One key factor we discussed was his work ethic. Nick outperformed his entire sales team (combined) for 6 months in a row at Reliant Technologies. How did he do it?

He gave 110% every single day. 

It’s simple. It’s just about holding yourself accountable to a standard that everyone else is scared to do. 

But what does 110% look like in reality?

  • 110% means doing all that is expected of you and more. 

  • 110% means striving for excellence consistently.

  • 110% means creating more value than anyone knows what to do with.

  • 110% means moving with intention.

  • 110% means never settling.

Most people can’t do this, but when you put in the effort, success will follow. Just ask Nick.

Now I implore you to ask these questions so you know if you are holding yourself accountable to 110% :

What is required of me today? 

The answer to that shows you what you have to do. The follow-up question should be:

What am I doing beyond that?

Now you know, and if you aren’t at 110%, find the answer to this question:

How can I go beyond what is asked of me, and create extra value in the world today?

Once you have it, the rest is simple. Just take action and give 110%.