My Top Three Skills

I continuously strive to take on new projects, develop new skills, and create value at every turn, but there are three skills that I have developed a unique ability to utilize. In this post, I will showcase these skills and how they have allowed me to expand my ability to create value. After reading, I invite you to do the same and narrow down the qualities that you can leverage to set you apart from the crowd.

1. Drive
From a young age, I realized that I was different than my peers. While many classmates did the bare minimum when working on projects, I continuously poured my heart and soul into the work I was doing. This attribute of mine only continued to unfold itself and swell immeasurably when I landed my first job at the age of 13. I began working for a contractor, building decks, painting houses, and doing landscaping work in the heat of summer. While working for the contractor, I strived to impress him and myself with the amount of high-quality work I produced each and every day. This experience contributed highly to my perception of what it means to "work hard". At age 16, I took the work ethic I fostered in years past to Chick-fil-A. I was the youngest individual to ever be hired there, so I had to prove to my team what I was capable of. After exceeding the culture of excellence that Chick-fil-A expects, I was promoted to Kitchen Lead. Within a few short months, my team was producing some of the lowest SOS (Speed of Service) times while maintaining ideal labor percentages. I was nicknamed, “The Machine” and looked up to as a true leader in the restaurant. Beyond operational excellence, I utilized my leadership role to pour into my co-workers, growing them not only in operations but also in character. I learned how to be a leader, not a manager. I gained respect by being willing to dive into the trenches with my team, working together to provide every guest with quality food and quality service.

My driven nature has not only allowed me to exceed expectations, but it has made me aware of what can be accomplished just by having a solid work ethic. Because of the results I have cultivated in my past, I now and always will continue to never do less than 10% more than what someone expects of me.

2. Verbal Communication
All great leaders have a strong ability to communicate. Knowing this, I took on a project to enhance my verbal conversational skills, my very own podcast. To begin my podcast, I spoke about relevant life skills, concepts, and ideas that I was learning as I partook on my entrepreneurial journey. This included everything related to entrepreneurship, innovation, philosophy, self-directed learning, etc. to help each and every one of my listeners thrive. After a while of just me speaking, I desired to grow my verbal communication skills while simultaneously growing my network. I then reached out to successful entrepreneurially minded individuals that I could showcase via my podcast. In each interview, I unpacked their journey, their failures, their successes, and everything they learned along the way. I constantly uncovered actionable advice for my audience, so they too could be empowered to take charge of their life and career. Now, after 7 months of producing weekly podcast episodes, my listener base has grown to over 1,000 subscribers, composed of individuals from 15 different countries and over 30 states.

Throughout my entire experience with podcast creation, I have sharpened my ability to connect with others, ask great questions, tell a story, and provide clear and actionable advice to my audience. Now, I seek to continue to develop my conversational skills so they can be utilized when working with a team or speaking one on one with future customers.

3. Visual Design
Throughout my life, I have always appreciated clean aesthetics. Some people may call me OCD when they see how organized my room is, but in reality, I just have a taste for simplicity. This clean and minimalistic nature of mine has followed me into the websites I have developed.

When I began crafting my personal website, I knew that I wanted it to be visually appealing and user-friendly. Throughout development, I reshaped images, took away borders, used simple color schemes, and adjusted fonts and spacing all in the pursuit of a clean and intuitive user experience. Additionally, I meticulously placed content elements to flow smoothly while conveying my personal narrative. The entire process of designing my website took one week initially, but I continuously innovate my design as I think of better ways to portray information in a more concise manner.

Designing my website has progressed my ability to fight entropy, put my self in the user's shoes, and control the perception of content to deliver an optimal aesthetic. Now, I continue to grow this skill by developing eye-catching social media images using Canva, effective email campaigns using Mailchimp, and compelling blog posts that I publish on my website.

So that's my top three skills, and while I don't know where they will take me specifically, I know that by playing to my strengths and applying each one of them in my work, I will progress towards my goals. So, what are your top three skills? And more importantly, how can you leverage them to get closer to your goals?