#1 - Season 2 Kickoff - How To Get Started As An Entrepreneur With Colm Hayden

Join me and Colm Hayden as we reflect on his entrepreneurial journey and his advice on how to get started as an entrepreneur! Colm Hayden is a past Praxis participant with an expertise in cryptocurrency. He has interned in Hong Kong with Diginex, a blockchain company, and now works with a venture capital company in Silicon Valley name Cloud Money Ventures. Colm is a brilliant individual who knows how to create opportunity and pave his own path, so I invite you to hear more of his story and what he thinks is the best way to become a successful entrepreneur.

Show Notes:

Season 1 Reflection - 2:18

Purpose of Season 2 - 3:38

Interview - 6:25

Colm Hayden Introduction - 7:48

Com Hayden’s Journey - 8:20

How Colm made himself into a cryptocurrency expert - 12:20

How to find what you want to do in life - 15:50

How Colm discovered Praxis & why he chose it over college - 16:04

Colm’s thoughts on Praxis - 18:50

College alternatives like Praxis aren’t too good to be true - 20:10

What the Praxis Program looks like - 20:35

The benefits of moving to Hong Kong - 26:31

How to turn your goals into a reality - 28:29

How to take advice - 29:59

Seek Discomfort - 32:18

Seventh Sense - 33:18

What to do if you don’t have a built skill set - 33:40

How to replenish your well - 34:50

How to get in contact with Colm - 35:36

Colm’s parting advice to the entrepreneurs out there - 36:27


Learn more about Praxis: discoverpraxis.com

The company Colm interned with in Hong Kong: Diginex

Cryptocurrency YouTuber: Datadash

Venture Capital Company Colm currently works with: Cloud Money Ventures

Colm’s book recommendation: The Seventh Sense

Colm’s Contact Info:

Colm’s Website: Colm.com

Email: colm@colm.com

Instagram: @cryptocolm

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