S2, #2- How to Continuously Develop Yourself with Randalyn Hill

Join me and Randalyn Hill, an 18 year old who works in a successful tech startup, as we discuss how to continuously develop yourself by reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey. Randalyn Hill is a creative inspiration. She is a current Praxis participant, apprenticing at Ama La Vida in Chicago. She has many different roles at Ama La Vida including business development and marketing work. On top of her career at Ama La Vida, she has many creative projects including photography, blogging, and a newsletter for other fellow creators.

Show Notes:

Introduction - 1:47

Interview - 3:35

Randalyn Introduces herself - 3:48

Randalyn’s Journey - 4:30

How Randalyn handled rejection - 10:20

How to discover what makes you come alive - 12:16

Learn how to take feedback - 15:15

Benefits and Challenges of moving to a new place - 18:45

Why Randalyn chose to work with Ama La Vida - 21:03

Challenges at Ama La Vida - 24:33

How Randalyn grew herself by being involved in a tech startup - 27:35

Cre8tives - 29:18

Set realistic goals and develop actionable steps - 33:46

Hold yourself accountable - 35:08

Randalyn’s Personal Habit that pushes her to continuously grow - 37:27

How to retain information better - 41:15

Randalyn’s recommended reads to fuel your personal growth - 43:15

The best advice Randalyn has received - 46:25

The worst advice Randalyn has received - 47:49

Randalyn’s advice for the entrepreneurial minded individuals - 48:53

Contact Randalyn - 52:25

Final Message - 53:28

Inspirational song - 55:45


Recommended Reads:

Don’t Do Stuff You Hate by Isaac Morehouse & Mitchell Earl

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Think Like a Freak by Stephen Dubner & Steven Levitt

Just Twenty-Five Pages a Day

Why Just 25 Pages A Day Is The Best Thing Ever by Randalyn Hill

Contact Randalyn Hill:

Instagram - @randalynhill

Email - randalynhill@gmail.com

Randalyn’s Personal Website

Ama La Vida’s Website

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