S2, #3 - How To Grow Your Influence with Madison McCarty

Join me as I speak with Madison McCarty. Madison is an entrepreneurial minded individual. Her love for creating, marketing, and graphic design has taken her from high school to working with BriteBee - an insurance marketing agency. Madison has also built an online store called Madison’s Boutique as well as Madison’s Magazine, a platform where she interviews other entrepreneurial minded individuals and expands her network. From her childhood to becoming a Praxis Participant to working at a startup, Madison has learned many valuable skills related to self branding and networking. So I invite you to join me and Madison as we reflect on her journey to uncover the actionable steps you can take to grow your influence as an entrepreneur.

Show Notes:

Interview - 3:50

Why Madison joined Praxis - 4:35

What Madison’s Peers & Parents thought about not going to college - 5:16

How Madison combated the negative stigma of opting out of college - 6:30

Document your experiences and the things you are learning - 8:45

Leverage your education to cater to your interests - 8:45

Madison’s Magazine - 11:06

A beginner designer tool for optimizing your personal brand - 12:25

Madison’s Day to Day at BriteBee - 13:22

Madison’s biggest failure at BriteBee - 14:00

How Madison grew from her failure - 14:48

You are crazy if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result - 15:30

Stop listening to what you’re told - 16:26

Be open to new ideas and accept every opportunity - 17:12

Do we all have one calling or purpose? - 20:54

What to do if you have no idea what you want to do with your life - 22:20

Start Networking - 23:50


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Madison’s Boutique