S2, #6 - Why You Should Start a Business - with Chaz Stead

What is up Thrivers! Joining me today is the marketing Swiss Army knife - Chaz Stead.

Chaz is a content creator and marketer. His love for creating pushed him to start his own business, Castle & Kennedy Creative, where he expanded his client base to reach across the East Coast. He is also the lead singer in Andrew in Vienna, as well as a past Praxis participant who has continued to design logos, build brands, videos, and motion graphics for companies. He is truly a Swiss Army knife when it comes to content creation. Today we reflect on his journey, from sleeping in his car to working as a marketing associate at eResources, and discuss the benefits of taking the entrepreneurial path and why you should start a business today!

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:08

Chaz’s Journey - 2:50

Why Chaz started developing marketing skills - 3:58

How Castle & Kennedy Creative became realized - 5:03

How Chaz expanded his customer base to stretch across the East Coast - 6:15

How to provide the best product for your customer - 7:21

The first step you should take to start a marketing company - 8:36

Why you should turn your creative passions into a business - 11:37

How to THRIVE - 16:52

There is no substitute for grinding - 18:00

How to get ahead of the competition - 22:29

Why Chaz dropped out of college - 23:16

College is backwards - validate your work in the real world - 28:56

BE AT A 7 - 35:45




To Shake the Sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins

Contact Chaz:

Email - Chaz@chazstead.com

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaz-stead/

Instagram - @chazstead @castleandkennedycreative

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