S2, #4 - How to Build Your Personal Brand with Lolita Allgyer

Lolita Allgyer is the marketing associate and adviser for Discover Praxis, a 6 month bootcamp plus 6 month apprenticeship career launching platform. From her childhood, to starting her own Golden Retriever training business, to becoming a proud college opt-out and diving head first into the Praxis education, Lolita has continuously learned valuable skills to build her personal brand and leverage her creative attributes to lead her to success. So I invite you to listen in as we reflect on her entrepreneurial journey to uncover the actionable steps you can take to grow as a person, build your personal brand, and leverage your skills to sell yourself to the world.

Show Notes:

Interview - 2:50

Lolita’s Journey - 4:04

Why Lolita chose to become a Praxis Participant - 8:00

What Lolita thinks is the best thing you can do as an 18 year old - 15:10

The best skill you can be building as a young adult - The power of documenting your work - 15:58

The benefit of blogging every day - 17:08

Lolita’s role at Praxis - 18:45

Lolita’s biggest failure at Praxis & how she grew from it - 19:58

What to do to grow your marketing skills - 21:00

“Read as many of the great books by age 21 as you can” - 23:31

How to be a successful entrepreneurial minded individual - 24:36

Leverage your dreams to help you crush your goals - 25:55

Lolita’s personal habit to continuously grow herself - 27:04

There are opportunities right in front you, so just take it -29:20


Recommended book - How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie


Contact Lolita:

Email: lolita@discoverpraxis.com

Lolita’s Personal Website - lolitaallgyer.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lolita_allgyer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LolitaAllgyer?lang=en