S2, #9 - How To Grow Your Business with Amanda Kingsmith


Today I am speaking with the entrepreneurial-minded, world-traveling, yoga enthusiast - Amanda Kingsmith.

Amanda lives by her own rules, staying constantly curious and deeply passionate about every endeavor she pursues. Amanda is not only an adviser at Praxis, but also a serial explorer who has traveled to over 50 countries spanning across 6 continents in her life thus far, and I presume that number is only growing. She is also the co-host of the "World Wanderer's Podcast" ( a show with over 500,000 downloads) alongside her partner Ryan, where they discuss inspiring stories of travel, adventure, and self-directed living! Additionally, she is a master in the business of yoga, curating a yoga business boot camp to help leverage others into having a thriving yoga business. Simply put, and I think we can all conclude...Amanda is a value-creating machine. And for that reason, It is my honor to welcome her to the show today.

Today we reflect on her journey as we discuss the beauty of entrepreneurship, travel, working remotely, freedom, education, and how to grow your business!

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:32

Amanda’s current endeavors - 2:40

How Amanda started working as an adviser at Praxis - 3:20

How Amanda’s “work” resonates with her goals - 5:40

What Amanda gained from going to college - 7:40

How Amanda has grown from her failures - 10:28

Why Amanda started the World Wanderers Podcast - 13:02

The benefits of podcasting - 15:50

How Amanda grew her podcast - 18:35

What you should think about if you want to work remotely or live as a nomad - 21:26

Learn by immersion - 24:00

You can monetize your passion - 29:20

How to prevent burnout when building your business - 30:20

Fulfillment lies at the intersection of your passions and market opportunity - 32:35

Challenges of growing a business - 33:52

Outsource your weaknesses - 36:30

The essential step for anyone to take when wanting to start and grow a business - 37:52

How to tackle the fear of uncertainty - 41:18

Education - 45:03

Freedom - 45:50

Value - 47:37

Entrepreneurship - 48:25

Listen to your gut - 53:05


She Means Business by Carrie Green

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Six Pillars of Self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden

The World Wanderers Podcast

M.B.OM Yoga

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