S2, #8 - Turning Your Passions Into Marketable Skills with Steven Schauberger


Joining me today is the entrepreneurial-minded individual - Steven Schauberger. Steven has a passion for creativity, entrepreneurship, and living free. His creative attributes have been present since his early childhood when he began performing in musicals and plays. His love for the arts pushed him into improv theatre as well as writing scripts. Ultimately, his creative pursuits have equipped him with valuable skills in the market place. He’s practiced the art of cold-calling while working at Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation to becoming an associate at Charles Kirkland Companies, LLC. He also has a plethora of projects including a YouTube series where he has dived into philosophy and sales concepts as well as a blog where he shares what he is learning as he partakes on his journey to success. He is truly a value-creating machine. Join us as we discuss how to turn your passions into marketable skills!

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:27

How Steven landed a job at Charles Kirkland Companies, LLC. - 3:08

What is Charles Kirkland - 6:05

Steven’s biggest failure while working at Charles Kirkland Companies - 7:34

How Steven gained confidence in himself and grew his skills - 9:18

The important of time management - 11:44

How Steven doubled the amount of cold-calls he could make per hour - 15:04

The art of persuasion - 18:56

How following your interests develops marketable skills - 20:44

One of the most marketable skills you can ever have - 22:00

Don’t procrastinate! - 23:33

What brings Steven fulfillment - 24:27

How to choose the best path for you - 25:55

How to tackle your fears - 27:20

Why Steven didn’t go to college -29:57

Turn what makes you come alive into a marketable skill - 32:42

Take the risk while you can - 33:55

Immerse yourself in your passions - 36:35

Steven’s movie recommendations - 40:40

Steven’s parting advice ( the benefits of improv ) - 42:24


Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche