S2, #12 - How to Sell Your Personal Brand and Write Your Own Ticket with Nick Rundlett

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What is Up Thrivers! I’m your Host Gregory Alexander, and today I am speaking with a truly entrepreneurial-minded individual, Nick Rundlett.

Nick is a Praxis alumni who apprenticed as an SDR at Reliant Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. When working there, he outpaced his entire sales team combined for six months, and after a year at the company he was promoted to account executive…and then went on to pitch himself into the team manager position.  From starting his own business in high school, to becoming a Praxis alumni with major success all around him, we can all conclude that Nick is not only a value creating machine but a huge inspiration. For that reason, it is my honor to welcome Nick to the show today. Join us as we discuss the art of writing your own ticket in life by growing, leveraging, and selling your personal brand!

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:25

Nick’s journey so far - 2:20

How Nick started a coin business in high school - 3:30

Why Nick decided not to go to college - 5:40

How Nick grew his coin company - 7:05

Why Nick started Praxis - 8:04

How to get hired almost anywhere without a degree - 11:43

Leveraging a value proposition - 12:38

How to get ahead by innovating for a company - 13:57

Should you work for free? - 15:48

The importance of building raptor with those above you - 17:07

What you should be doing if you aren’t going to college - 18:31

How to learn and grow quickly under pressure at a new company - 21:10

How to sell yourself to employers - 22:25

How to cold call effectively - 24:40

The importance of emotional steadiness - 27:47

Knowing when it is time to move on - 29:30

The importance of building structure as an entrepreneur - 31:22

Thoughts on Freedom - 34:00

Thoughts on Credentials -35:35

Thoughts on Education - 36:08

Thoughts on Entrepreneurship - 36:52

You can write your own ticket in life - 37:31

The importance of learning how to negotiate - 39:42

Nick’s parting advice - Become self aware in order to write your own ticket - 41:22


Secrets of Power Negotiation by Roger Dawson

Contact Nick:

Email - Nick@rundlett.com

Website - Nickrundlett.com