S2, #10 - How to Break the Mold with Hannah Frankman


What is Up Thrivers! Today I am speaking with a writer, educator, career coach, startup employee, podcaster, and perpetual learner. Or simply, Hannah Frankman.

Hannah currently works at Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program, where she coaches young professionals through the process of bypassing college and launching their careers in the business world. Specifically, she is the Community Manager and Apprenticeship Advisor. Her position has allowed her to coach over 150 people into launching their careers thus far, and that number is only growing. Beyond her role at Praxis, she is working as the Charleston Chapter Manager for Next Gen. Building an entrepreneurial community from the ground up. Additionally, Hannah is a believer in continuous self-growth by constantly learning by doing. This is shown in her love for writing as well as podcast creation. Hannah breaks the mold in every way she can, and for that reason, it is my honor to welcome her to the show today. Join us as we discuss how you can take control of your life and BREAK THE MOLD.

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:28

What Hannah is currently doing in her role at Praxis - 2:42

The pivotal choices/opportunities Hannah created to leverage her into a position at Praxis - 3:22

How Hannah’s career choices correlate to her personal goals - 5:23

“Everything that you see in the world around you, a mere human, no different than yourself, created.” - 6:04

Hannah’s biggest failure and how she grew from it - 7:10

The benefits of writing/documenting consistently - 14:09

How Hannah took agency in her education - 17:25

Why Hannah chose not to go to college - 21:25

How Hannah dealt with the social pressures of opting out of college - 23:20

Journal more often. “To remember what it was to be me, that is the point” - Joan Didion - 26:01

Don’t stress out so much - Push yourself from a place of curiosity, not from a place of pressure - 27:00

“Read as many of the great books as you can by the age 22” - James Michener - 27:45

How Hannah found her passion - 29:55

Thoughts on the current education system - 35:18

How to make the most out of High School or College if you are stuck in the system - 38:44

Engage in ideas that are interesting to you/follow your curiosities - 39:35

Create a digital footprint of everything you are learning and doing - 41:35

Get real world experience - 42:57

Compulsory Education Laws - 44:53

Thoughts on Philosophy (Existentialism) - 49:28

Thoughts on Credentials - 52:05

How to BREAK THE MOLD - 53:38


The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Praxis Blog

Thriving United on Medium!

Contact Hannah:


@Hannahfrankman - Twitter

@Hannahfrankman - Instagram