S2, #11 - The Art of Self-Directed Education with Joey Wickham


What is Up Thrivers! Today I am speaking with a visionary on a mission – Joey Wickham. 

Joey is a fellow Praxis Participant with a drive to make a difference. Joey has gone from working at a construction company to packing up and moving to Austin, TX to start the next chapter of his life in his apprenticeship role.  Joey lives with the mindset, “The world is your classroom.” And I don’t think there is anyone who has taken this more to heart. Joey has chased his curiosities since he was little, learning by writing and directing his own play, working as a mechanic, designing and building a fully functioning dam, daily blogging, and much much more. Joey is truly an inspiring individual with a mastery in self-directed learning. So I invite you to join us as we dive deep into self-directed education and how to leverage your interests into a career you love.

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:26

Joey’s Story (The mission mindset) - 2:33

Why Joey started Praxis - 5:07

Don’t let projects slip through the cracks - 6:55

The proper mindset to learn effectively (ask valuable questions) - 9:38

The benefits of writing (blogging) daily - 14:25

The best way to approach starting a daily blog - 17:06

What you should do if you’ve decided to opt-out of college - 19:05

Crash Your Career - 20:58

Are there any advantages to going to college? - 21:25

How to make every second count and learn and grow quickly - 25:36

Be able to learn by yourself (leveraging the apprenticeship model) - 27:44

Create short term goals; the world is changing rapidly - 30:48

Freedom - Being able to do what makes you come alive - 35:47

Education - everything you do should be a learning experience - 36:30

Adaptability - Be open-minded - 37:14

Breaking the mold - Are you on the right path? - 38:25

Don’t be afraid to take advice - 42:10


How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Crash Your Career by Isaac Morehouse

Connect with Joey: