S2, #15 - The Art of Value Creation with Corey Purves

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What is up Thrivers! I’m your Host Gregory Alexander, and today I am speaking with an individual who has an unparalleled passion for entrepreneurship, Corey Purves. Corey is a 19 year old who has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of what is possible. From starting his own successful dog sitting businesses at 9 years old, to growing an Instagram page to over 18,000 followers in under 2 years…. he has continuously developed his passion for sales, marketing, and business in general. Now, Corey has paved a path into an apprenticeship with Praxis – a career launching platform for those who don’t rely on third party credentials, instead they become their own credential. Today, we are going to dive into his journey to uncover how he has continuously created value to push himself to his next opportunity. Needless to say, but I am very excited. Join us as we uncover his story to understand the art of value creation.

Show Notes:

Interview - 1:03

What Corey is currently doing in his career - 2:00

Why/How Corey started a successful dog sitting business at age 9 - 2:45

Why Corey’s customers took him seriously at such a young age - 4:48

One key ability that will directly affect your future success - 5:50

Why/How Corey started and grew an Instagram page to over 18,000 followers - 6:16

What you should do to improve your marketing skills to showcase your value more effectively - 10:20

The value of documenting everything you create - 14:00

How Corey created value to land a position working at the Startup company Praxis…with NO degree - 16:36

The importance of time-management - 19:25

The biggest way Corey is creating value at his new job - 20:10

What you should do instead of going to college - 20:45

Do what you are most passionate about - 22:25

You DON’T need a degree to be successful - 22:50

Thoughts on freedom - 23:43

Thoughts on Entrepreneurship - 24:30

Thoughts on Value Creation - 25:25

Take an idea and put it into action - 28:58


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Praixs - Apprentice at a Startup.

Contact Corey Purves:

Instagram - @cpurves

LinkedIn - Corey Purves

Email - Corey@discoverpraxis.com