S2, #14 - How to Land Your Dream Job with Drake Powell

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What is up Thrivers! I’m your Host Gregory Alexander, and today I am speaking with a truly inspiring individual, Drake Powell. Drake is a Praxis alumni who currently works at Praxis in a customer service position. From his love of theater and art in general, to his passion for self-directed learning, Drake has continuously pushed the boundaries in his career. From hacking his way into an internship position in high school, to becoming a praxis alumni with major success all around him, we can all conclude that Drake is not only a value creating machine but a huge inspiration. For that reason, it is my honor to welcome him to the show today. Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of self reflection, passion, and landing the job you’ve always wanted.

Show Notes:

Interview – 1:15

Drake’s Journey – How he hacked his way into an internship in high school – 3:04

What Drake decided to do instead of college and why – 9:30

The world is your building ground -14:42

How Drake took the leap of faith, followed his passions, and landed his job at Praxis - 16:30

How to get an interview, crush the interview, and land the job you’ve always wanted (no degree required) - 20:50

The ins-and-outs of moving across the country for your career - 23:15

The importance of time management - 26:05

Should you go to college? Here’s how you know if it is right for you - 27:37

Analyzing your strengths and passions to find the job that’s right for you – 30:00

What it is like to work in customer success (the challenges) – 31:17

How to succeed in a customer service position - 33:13

How improv will help you grow in your professional career – 37:40

The benefit of detaching your emotions from your consciousness - 39:40

Thoughts on Freedom – 42:02

Thoughts on Passion – 44:17

Thoughts on Entrepreneurship – 46:00

Failing Forward – 49:50

Dreams Don’t Come True, Decisions Do. – 54:09


The Last Safe Investment by Bryan Franklin & Michael Ellsberg


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