S2, #17 - How to Build Something Bigger with Sara Morrison

What is up Thrivers! I’m your host Gregory Alexander, and today I am speaking with Sara Morrison.

Sara worked with the Foundation of Economic Education for nearly 5 years, running their high school seminars and more. At the end of 2016, she joined the Praxis team and is now the Director of Operations within the company. She focuses on building and growing this innovative company while also interviewing potential participants for entry into the program. Sara, has not only continued to push herself and create value at every turn, but she is a master in the art of building something bigger. Today, we will uncover her journey to find actionable steps that you can take to begin crafting your narrative and ultimately build something bigger than yourself that adds value to others lives.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sara's Journey, including her work at FEE and Praxis

  • How you know if college is right for you

  • What a personal development project is and why they are amazing

  • What a value proposition is and how you can leverage it to land a role at a company

  • How to grow an already existing business

  • The To-Do's of operational excellence

  • Thoughts on short-term & long-term goals