Discover Praxis: Month 1

Month 1.png

What's up Thrivers! This episode is the first in a new series called "Discover Praxis". For this series I will be publishing one podcast episode every month that covers my experiences of the month prior. My goal for this podcast is to shine light on what it is actually like to go through Praxis as a participant. My hope is to answer your questions and give valuable insight so you can better understand if the Praxis Program is right for you! In this episode I will be covering my experience of going through Module 1/month 1 of the Praxis boot camp. I discuss:

  • The goals of module 1

  • The curriculum of module 1

  • The challenges you will face

  • The skills you will gain and grow through module 1

  • Praxis Wednesdays, Slack, and Praxis Advisors

  • How module 1 prepares you for the rest of the boot camp and your career


Gregory WilliamsonComment