S2, #19 - Launch Your Career By Working At A Startup With Julianna Carbonare

julianna pic.jpg

What is Up Thrivers! I’m your Host Gregory Williamson, and today I am speaking with Julianna Carbonare.

Julianna is a love child of the design and writing worlds. She has been a baker, English teacher, retreat host, nanny, and Praxis Participant. Her love for creating has now pushed her into a role working at the startup company Praxis, as the module 2 advisor and more. Today we are going to uncover her journey, to learn what it takes to work at a startup and why startups are a great opportunity for anyone looking to launch their career.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Julianna's Journey

  • Why Julianna opted out of college and took on Praxis instead

  • How she landed her job working at the startup Praxis

  • Why you should try to work at a Startup instead of a big business to launch your career.

  • Value Propositions, and how they can be leveraged to land a job at a startup

  • Job Security

  • Startup Culture

  • How to crush it once you've landed a job at a Startup.