Discover Praxis: Month 2

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What's Up Thrivers! Every month, as I go through the Praxis Program, I reflect on the month previous and share my Praxis experience with you. My goal is to bring clarity and advice to anyone who is on the fence about applying to Praxis. I am now in month 3 of Praxis, so today I will be reflecting on month 2/module 2 of the Praxis Program.

In month 2, each participant completes a portfolio project. A portfolio project is a stand-alone project that you approach specifically to gain new skills while utilizing your existing ones. The goal? To showcase your ability to create value. Now, some portfolio projects are catered more towards the learning side of things while others are catered more towards showcasing what you already know. However, no matter where one falls on the spectrum, it is always creating value. In this episode I cover:

  • Qualities of a solid portfolio project

  • How I chose my project

  • What module 2 offers beyond project building

  • Concluding thoughts of module 2

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